North Shore Audiology is a private facility offering a full
range of audiological services in a personal and caring
atmosphere. Our office is located in East Hills on
the North Shore of Long Island.

The goal of the practice is to provide the most advanced
diagnostic procedures for both hearing and balance, as well
as to dispense the most advanced digital hearing aids.

Our patients are scheduled promptly. If you are referred by a physician, a report of our findings will be sent as soon as possible. Usually, the report is sent the same day as the examination. For your convenience, all forms (history intake, insurance information) can be downloaded from this site. Simply click on the PATIENT WELCOME & INTAKE FORMS link (above) and the forms will be automatically uploaded to your screen (pdf files). By filling out these forms prior to your appointment, valuable time can be saved during your visit. Please arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you are a physician, you may print a referral form for your patient(s) directly from this website by clicking on the MEDICAL REFERRAL FORM link above. Full pads of referral, brochures, mouse pads, and other practice aids are also available upon request.

If you would like to know more about a particular topic you may either
go to the "Library" or "Multimedia" sections of our site. The Library site
presents in-depth looks at various topics on hearing, hearing aids, and
balance. The multimedia presentations are videos relating to topics areas
of auditory/balance testing and rehabilitation. The Multimedia section is
constantly growing, and it represents an area where much information is available.

The "Links" page allows you to visit various organizations concerned with hearing and balance. These links are replete with valuable information and may lead to further sources of information. For example, the Virtual Tour of the Ear is encyclopedic with reference to sources concerning hearing, balance, hearing rehabilitation, and diseases of the ear.

Our site is ever-expanding and dynamic. We welcome any suggestions that you
 may have concerning this site.

We sincerely hope that you will become one of our referring physicians or join our family of patients.

Alan M. Richards, Ph.D.

North Shore Audiology
70 Glen Cove Road- LL5
East Hills, New York 11577
(516) 625-1400
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Hearing Instruments
Forensic Audiology
Forensic audiological services are provided in medico-legal cases involving hearing loss and/or balance disorders. Click on the "Forensics" tab.
Diagnostic Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensing
North Shore Audiology
70 Glen Cove Road
East Hills, New York 11577
Tel: (516) 625-1400
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